Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why Baytex Energy Trust is One of My Top Picks

While Baytex’s Q2 financial results were impacted by higher costs and lower realized heavily oil prices, we were encouraged by the solid production numbers. In particular, development of its Seal heavy oil asset is progressing well.

Unlike some other operators in the area that are having inconsistent results from new wells, all of Baytex’s Seal wells continue to meet expectations. The lack of infrastructure is constraining major development at the property due to high transportation costs, but infrastructure investment by other operators appears to be ramping up.

I believe that as development of Seal progresses, further value will be attributed to the asset and reflected in the trust’s unit price. Furthermore, the Seal heavy oil reserves could he worth over $40 a share to a major Oil company like Shell.

In the meantime Baytex is paying out $0.18 per month ($2.16 per year) for a yield of just under 12% while you wait for the big buyout offer.

Now that's investing for income at its best!

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