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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am Deeply Disappointed in the Managers of EIT.UN and SDT.UN

This year my largest holdings were in units of SDT.UN and EIT.UN. These two exchanged traded funds invest primarily in Canadian Income Trusts and provide excellent monthly distributions which is a core value of investing for income.

Both firms recently closed a share exchange where investors in Trusts and Canadian Banks could exchange their holdings into units of the funds. The problem is that they exchanged the holdings with Units that are trading well below Net Asset Value.

This is a bad deal for existing unit holders. EIT's Net Asset Value decrease at least $0.12 per unit. The only ones that win are the managers because their fund gets larger and they consequently get more fees. Its obvious to me that the fund mangers put their interest ahead of unit holders.

If the managers were acting in the interest of existing unit holders they could have undertaken the following;

1) a rights offering to existing unit holders at a discount to market value. Unit holders would then be able to excercise their rights (and suffer no dilution) or sold their rights in the open market.


2) they could have waited until the market price of the units was within 5% of the Net asset Value before undertaking a share exchange


3) They could have done nothing and waited for the market price to catch up to the Net Asset Value.

SDT.UN's new Net Asset Value after accounting for the share exchangehas not yet been published but I suspect that the Net asset Value decrease will be in the range of 2%-3%.
SDT.Un's sister ETF fund SEF.UN undertook a similar share exchange offering last spring and unit holders lost almost 10% of their Net asset Value.

What to do now?

I am slowly starting to unload my units in SDT.UN and EIT.UN. These funds are no longer a buy and hold investment. It is my opinion that whatever value the professional management brings to these funds its all eaten up in fees and dilutions.

I am developing my own diversified portfolio of income securities.

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