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Friday, October 5, 2007

Top Pick Verenex Energy VNX-T Presently Trading at $12.30 with a 2008 target of $18

Verenex Energy (VNX-T) is 45% owned by Vermilion Energy Trust(VET.UN-T). They are drilling in Libya. Drilled 2 wells so far. The first one flowed 10,000 BOE a day and the second flowed 20,000 BOE.

Verenex hit an all time high in August of $17.63 but has pulled back considerably since the ORCA well drilled by Bordeux Energy (BDO-X) off the coast of France (they had a 30% interest) came up dry.

I normally only accumulate dividend paying stocks and stay away from risky stocks such as Verenex because its purely an oil exploration play in Libya. However, they have struck oil and I expect that in in 2008 Verenex will also become a production company too. Once this happens it will attract different investors and valuations.

I feel that it will reach $18 by the end of 2008.

I picked up 2,000 shares.

Please do your own due dilligence before acquiring any securities.

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