Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canada Under Seige: Thanks Harper and Flaherty

The Trust tax hoisted onto Canadians is facilitating the transfer of our wealth from Canadians and hard working Americans who invested in our income trusts.

We at investingforincome are not just a bunch of malcontents about getting screwed by our government. But everyone is getting screwed. What is really sad is that part of the reasoning behind the "Tax Fairness" was that our American friends were benefting from the trusts and they called that "tax leakage". Our reflex anti-Americanism has resulted in our wealth being transfered to an Arab government.

Below is a copy of Diane Francis's BLOG on this issue. If you click the title of this post you will be taken to her BLOG.

By Diane Francis

Canadian policies are facilitating the buyout of Canada. Canadian energy trusts are bought with 100% financing borrowed from foreign lenders or entities. Interest payments are made from Canadian cash flow which used to be distributed to trust unitholders and taxable.

The interest payments to foreigners are also exempt from the 15% withholding tax. This means that taxable cash flow has become tax-free mortgage payments to buy energy assets.

Abu Dhabi pounced first and in months will be the biggest oil company in the land, financed in this way by taxpayers. To boot, not one share of its oil entity in Canada, TAQA North, can be owned by a Canadian under Abu Dhabi law.

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