Thursday, March 1, 2007

Harry S. Dent Jr. and Demographics

The following is an excerpt from Harry S. Dent Jr. newsletter (see surprise link on the home page) which I think is a good macro economic view.

"Between now and late 2009 we continue to recommend that investors buy on minor corrections and to focus in the large-cap growth sectors of technology, financial services, health care, Asia, and emerging markets.

Commodities should become more attractive again by late 2007 to mid 2008. Small-cap and mid-cap growth should also be attractive sectors for this last bubble, but the valuations are more attractive now in largecap growth stocks."

However, I think Harry Dent who is famous for his demographic predictions has missed a fundamental outcome of the retiring baby boomers.....they want income!

I think income producing investments will be in a long term bull market. The securities I am buying now will be in greater and greater demand going forward....especially after 2010.

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