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Monday, March 3, 2008

Natural Gas Weighted Income Trusts

Natural Gas Weighted Energy Trusts have been decimated since the "Tax Fairness" policy was announced on October 31, 2006.

Despite the spike in trading activity year-to-date, unit prices still remain depressed for Trilogy Energy Trust (TET.UN-T) and Paramount Energy Trust(PMT.UN-T). February 2008 to-date, Paramount’s unit price is 46% below its pre-Tax Fairness level and 43% below for Trilogy. Peyto Energy Trust (PEY.UN-T) and Progress Energy Trust (PGX.UN-T) have fared better, and currently exhibit average prices only 9% and 12% below their pre-Tax Fairness levels respectively.

Investors seeking the most exposure to increased natural gas prices should consider both Trilogy and Paramount. Trilogy has the highest cash flow sensitivity to natural gas given its unhedged production, while Paramount’s cost structure (both operational and financial) provides leverage but 25% of their production is hedged.

I presently have positions in Paramount and Peyto.

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