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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When The Sun Doesn’t Shine and the Wind Doesn’t Blow We Need Natural Gas

When the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, we need natural gas. Until new plants are approved and built for clean coal and nuclear, we need natural gas. If we want to subsidize agriculture, we need natural gas to convert food crops to energy. To supplement oil that faces increasingly short supply, we need natural gas. Finally, if hydrogen is going to be the last clean fuel, it will likely be created from natural gas.

Natural gas weighted Canroy's have natural gas selling at half price, judging by the incremental price of liquefied natural gas in Asia. Last week, according to trade reports, Japan paid $18 a million btu for the liquid form of the same commodity that is priced in the futures market at $8 for the next six years.

Since $18 LNG is roughly equivalent to $100 oil burned in the same Japanese power plants, the stark difference points to an upward price trend for the clean fuel.

Meanwhile, monthly distributions are likely to be higher in 2008 judging from the trend in the price for natural gas prices.

I have been buying NAE.UN, PMT.UN and PWT.UN.

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