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Friday, December 28, 2007

Agricultural Stocks Are The Pre-eminent Investment Class Of Our Time

Don Coxe continues to believe that the Agricultural stocks are the pre-eminent investment class of our time. Farm incomes are rising rapidly, and, in the US, farms and farm land are the real estate assets that are rising in value and are virtually immune to foreclosures.

That means the leading Agricultural companies have great pricing power and minimal credit problems. We now hear suggestions that because food inflation has finally made it to the cover of The Economist, it is time to start moving toward the exits.

Not so fast.

In Don's December 19, 2007 Basic Points newsletter he makes an elegant argument of where we have been and where we are going. Don has been recommending Agricultural stocks for the last year and those that have listened to his advice have all-ready made some nice gains.

I will be emailing a copy of Don's December 19, 2007 Basic Points newsletter (this is only issued to Clients of Nesbitt Burns) on December 29, 2007. So if you haven't signed up for our free service then please do as soon as possible.

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