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Friday, February 16, 2007

Diversified Income Trust Exchange Traded Fund SDT.UN-T by Sentry Select

The table below lists the Net Asset Value (NAV) of Sentry Select's Diversified Income Trust Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). It trades on the TSX only under the symbol SDT.UN

February 15, 2007 $5.47
February 8, 2007 $5.42
February 1, 2007 $5.37
January 25, 2007 $5.35
January 18, 2007 $5.31
January 11, 2007 $5.17
January 4, 2007 $5.18

As you can see from the start of the year the NAV has gone up every week for a total of 4.6% return on NAV. Plus we have been paid 2 monthly distributions of $0.045 per month for a total return of 6.4% for 2007. This is a testament to the investment acumen of the fund manager. I suspect that some of the increase in NAV is due to the Manager's buy back of units. At today's market price all unit buy backs are very accretive to the unit NAV.

The other important point is that it shows that the trust sector is recovering in spite of the negative press in Canada.

The market value of the the units has not increased at the same pace as the NAV but in time the increasing NAV will pull the market price up.

The fund is now my largest holding.

Please perform your own due diligence before taking any positions discussed in our BLOGs.

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